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Erasmus+ YE: I spoke in front of an audience

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

written by Martina

I took part at the youth exchange for young adults who stutter and I would like to share my experience because it was an amazing week. From the first day I came in Lemele, I thought it would have been an incredible experience and I was right. The days passed so fast and slow at the same time and I felt like I was in another world. During the whole week I wasn’t afraid of stuttering and I understood how much influence has the stutter on my life.

Ginevra, Dario, Martina, Andrea & Gabriele

I’ve never been an extrovert or a person who talks a lot but I like meeting new people and my stutter often prevent me from doing it. For this reason I was surprised of myself to have had long conversations with new people at the camp in Lemele. A special bond has grown up with lots of persons and I thought I knew some people for years.

One thing that let us build a strong relationship from the first days were the workshops/activities that we have done. They were all well designed and they helped me understanding more myself, reflecting and seeing many of my life’s aspects more clearly. We often had to share our thoughts with other people, if we wanted to, and by doing this I was able to listen to other people’s stories and share mine.

Martina during the Open Mic activity

I had many wonderful experience such as group activities, outdoor walks, I tried food from different countries… but one of the things I liked most it was speaking in front of an audience; it was so difficult at first to go on that stage because when you’re on stage people expect you to say or do something and other people’s opinions maybe is the thing I’m most scared of. Despite my mind started to overthink I went on the stage and I talked until the end and after that I was so proud of me and so happy. I think these are experiences that change you. 2022 isn’t over yet but I’m sure this will be the best week of the year.

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