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ISAD 2018 by Rafal

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Scottish Stammering Network, the biggest Scottish charity for people who stammer in Scotland, organized an open day in Glasgow, free of charge and for everyone. A “must be” for every PWS or people who wants to know a little bit more about stammering.

The day was structured of nine workshops (not all of them available as some performed at the same time), multiple guests speeches and free time to catch up with others or give some advices for the parents of the kids who stammer. Personally I love to see parents of the PWS on the events like that. Knowledge gained can really help their children in their daily struggles and save a lot of stress during the childhood.

The speeches were great. It is always fulfilling to hear story with which you can familiarise yourself as well, but the workshops were in my opinion especially valuable and interesting.

A vast choice of workshops covering topics such as available therapies, life coaching, hypnotherapy, speaking circle or mental health services available, was giving a tough decision what to choose. I decided to attend “Is stammering a disability” as I always asked myself a question that if vision or mobility impairment is considered a disability then why stammering, speech impairment, is not straight called a disability. So is stammering a disability? Not necessarily. Did I find the workshop useful? Definitely yes.

At the end of the open day we contacted with Irish Stammering Association to compete in a quiz regarding the knowledge of stammering. It was nice to see that similar events took place in other places of the world.

I’d like to say that the attendance was great, but seventy is not a big number of people considering that they are almost fifty four thousand people in Scotland who stammer. Hopefully people like Glasgow MP (parliament member), one of the attendees, may spread a word to a little wider public.

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