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Stamily was hosting last summer the Erasmus+ youth exchange for young people who stutter in the Netherlands. This was organized together with stuttering associations from Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and Germany! During the week, participants learned more about other cultures and themselves through workshops focused on creativity, public speaking, self-reflection, and sports.

Participants were asked to describe their experience in 1 word and this gave the following replies:

  • Empowering

  • Intensive

  • Safe

  • New

  • Amazing

  • Fun

Someone also said: “My youth exchange experience empowered me with unforgettable memories, inspiring growth and an open-mindedness towards different cultures.” Another said the youth exchange was “Funny and learning to see other peoples culture and view.” A participant also experienced “To stutter and speak with ease, as if stuttering is the most normal thing in the world.

These comments show that the youth exchanges are important and sometimes even life-changing for many participants and that’s why we are very grateful that Stamily got the opportunity to be the main host this year.

Below we collected some pictures to share with you some of the moments:

A participant taking part of the speaking circles workshop, where they can take space to be present in front of a group without judgment.

Morning workout!

Walk in the beautiful surrounding nature of Lemele

German culture night

Estonian culture night

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