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Stamily is an international community, rich in diversity and bound by one shared experience: we stutter.  Stamily aims to innovate, create a safe space, and connect the stuttering community.

We have a membership base across 25 countries.

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Online zoom meeting
Stammafest 2022
Stamily meetup 2021
Nordic seminar 2022
Working on Stamily
Youth exchange 2022
BSA 2018
Youth exchange 2019

Event times are in UTC

17 12 2021 Stamily meetup (34 of 72)_edited.jpg

Julie, Netherlands

It was my first Stamily meeting because I was a new Stamily member. I felt directly at ease in the open environment from Stamily.


Venkatesh, India

Stamily's meetup is something that I always wanted to be a part of. It was well-organized with lots of fun activities where we discussed the agenda for the year 2022 and played lots of games.


Pedro, Portugal

For me, Stamily is the materialization of a dream, a dream born in the times when I was younger and in the times when stuttering had a greater and negative influence on me, the dream of having a group, of belonging to a group, to a bunch of people to whom I didn't need to explain what was going on inside me as a result of being a person who stutters.


Martina, Italy

My youth exchange experience from Stamily empowered me with unforgettable memories, inspiring growth, and an open-mindedness towards different cultures.

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