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Stamily Cafés

Stamily wants to bring people who stutter together in their Stamily cafes all around the world. The primary objective of the Stamily cafes is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals who stutter to connect, share their stories, and receive support from one another. Organizing these cafes (in-person meetups) aims to create a sense of belonging within the stuttering community and strengthen the bonds between people who stutter worldwide.

Eventually, this will help to spread our positive inclusive message about living with a stutter.

“When I first met other PWS, my life changed forever. Realizing you’re not alone, knowing you’re good enough and that there’s so much more to you than stuttering, being able to talk about stuttering, or not at all, and people get it, is so liberating.”  ~ Anita Blom

Please see the calendar for dates & places; for more information and questions, please e-mail to

Upcoming cafés

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Members in England, Italy, Germany and Spain have shown interest in hosting Stamily Cafés, so maybe someday there will be one near you...

Past cafés


(Location changed to the Seaport Social Restaurant.)

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