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Our philosophy

Stamily is an international community, consisting of people from all over the world. Our members have many different passions, life stories, and goals, yet there is one thing that unifies us: we stutter. Beneath the surface of the non-fluent speech that you hear on the outside, lie a multitude of ‘hidden’ feelings and experiences that connect those of us who stutter within our community.

With Stamily we aim to establish a worldwide network for people who stutter and those who feel a strong connection with us, offering a secure and inclusive safe space where everyone can openly share their challenges, emotions, and triumphs. This fosters a sense of recognition, comfort, and a positive outlook on having a stutter, as one thing is clear for everyone: You are not alone with your stutter. Countless friendships have already blossomed through Stamily-related exchange projects, exemplifying the power of our shared experiences.

Through spreading our positive message into society, we strive to raise awareness and improve the lives of people who stutter. Collaboration with other (inter)national stuttering organizations that share our vision is a crucial aspect of our mission. We wholeheartedly support the formation of individual communities and networks, and we are ready to provide coaching and guidance for those seeking to create local communities or networks. Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive world for those who stutter.

Our community operates with openness and democracy, while we firmly discourage any claims of 'miracle stuttering cures.' We know that beyond a certain age, complete 'curing' of stuttering is not feasible (apart from speech techniques that enhance fluency but don't serve as cures on their own). Instead, our focus lies in learning to live with stuttering and maintaining a resilient mindset, ensuring that it does not have a detrimental impact on our lives. Embracing our stutter and empowering ourselves to thrive despite it is at the core of our approach.

Stamily proves that we can create a judgeless community where stuttering is the norm, where everybody listens to what we have to say, instead of how we say it. Embracing and accepting our stutter is the path in life that most of us choose to follow. We, Stamily, want to support everyone on their personal journey as a person who stutters.

To protect our community, we have created a Stamily community guide, which you can find here.

The Stamily board of directors

Below are Stamily's current board members.

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