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Manual for Young People Who Stutter (YPWS)

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Hi! This is an online manual for young people who stutter (YPWS) and is created by people who stutter (PWS). The purpose of the manual is to provide information about stuttering and step-by-step instruction on how to move closer to your dreams and goals (For example, when you are not happy the way you stutter and want to find a way to deal with it better). It is not a self-help manual but rather a guide where you can analyze yourself and find out what to do in order to manage obstacles on the way. As stuttering is a complex problem, the solution is also complex. Some of the descriptions can be long and some of the activities recommended can be one of the most difficult things you have to do in your life. But the rewards can also be great. Reading the manual is free but you need to to click “Join” below and register yourself. Then you will get your personal internet space where you write things down and it will be saved. Also, you can write your experiences and questions to the forum, that will be available. In addition, we recommend becoming a full member of Stamily. You can get more information about Stamily and register yourself here:

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