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Project: communication in isolation

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

“These are strange times” is an expression that has become a platitude. Every person, all around the world, is confronted by a set of unique issues. While certainly stressful, it is also a way to reevaluate the way we look at things and to share our perspectives.

Different organizations representing different people from different walks of life have shed light on the way in which the pandemic influences their lives. Yet, we cannot help but notice that there has been little talk on its impact on the lives of people who stutter.

While the situation affects each of us, without exception, it also affects each of us differently. PWS are now confronted by a particular set of issues that are not shared by more fluent speakers. That is why we, at Stamily, want to explore the issue of communication in isolation. We will give a platform to different people to tell how the pandemic affects their life.

Starting with this introduction, we will share perspectives written by people around the world. If you want to join this project with a blog or vlog, contact us with your story or idea at

Introduction: Communication in isolation

20/05 The challenges of an online classroom by Anita (Netherlands/Sweden)

27/05 Wearing a face mask while having a stutter by Courtland (America)

22/06 Adaptation and confrontation by Ronan (UK)

07/07 Covid-19 forced me to face my stutter by Willemijn (Netherlands)

More to come…

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