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Whole lotta... movies!

written by Gijs Jonker

For information about movies, one searches the International Movie DataBase. So that's what I did when, for the Stuttering in Movies project, I went looking for movies in which the actors stutter. To my surprise it turned out to be quite a number of movies, much more than I ever imagined. A copy of the list is now published on the new Stamily website under Resources.

The list is divided into six categories: feature movie, documentary, tv movie, tv series, short movie or video.

The Stuttering in Movies project focuses on feature movies, to see how stuttering is represented in movies. This has already been mentioned in previous blog posts.

The PWS column in the list indicates how many stuttering actors appear in the movie. If IMDB incorrectly tagged a movie, i.e. the movie doesn't have an actor who stutters, then this is indicated with a PWS value of zero. Examples include The Notebook and Goodfellas - in both, stuttering is only mentioned in the dialogues. The movies where PWS has an empty value are still being sought, so if you own them or know how to get them, the project would like to hear about it!

Others also contributed to the list, including Erik Lamens who started and leads the Stuttering in Movies project. If you would like to know more about this project, please contact

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