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A font that visualizes hidden stuttering

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Lot. Last year I graduated in Graphic Design with a script that visually represents stuttering.

I believe that more visual representation is needed to make people understand what stuttering is all about. From my experiences I know that stuttering is much more than just sound. I designed a script (called Stotts) to show the non-verbal aspect of stuttering.

I have redesigned the Latin script to visualize how letters feel to someone who stutters. The fear of letters, the strong focus on the letter sound, the tightness, it all had to be visible in the shape of the letter. The written form consists of new characters, visible silences, interactive and animated letters.

Hopefully this script will give more insight in stuttering, so that people who stutter will be better understood. Stuttering can be its own way of speaking, and not an error on the dominant language. I hope this written form will normalize the stuttering!

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