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Making Waves: A Stuttering Pride Flag

Written by Laura Lascău

Help raise the flag at 🌊

We, a group of people who stutter, have collaboratively created a Stuttering Pride Flag. To us, stuttering pride is a belief that stuttering voices are valid and important. It is a hope for a future in which people who stutter are respected and included. It is a movement to create this change and celebrate stuttering culture.

We came together as a group to make a flag that visually embodies the values, ideals and hopes of stuttering pride: community, nature and liberation. We understand stuttering itself as a political act. With this flag, we take pride in our speech disability. Water has long been associated with stuttering and speech, and we were eager to build upon this work by the stuttering community in a meaningful way, emphasizing that stuttering is as natural as whirling waves and calm creeks.

We are so excited to share more about the collaborative, creative process undertaken to create the flag in the following months. To start with, we put together a video showing a little about how the values embedded in the flag came about; the video starts with JJJJJerome Ellis’ music, a beautiful voice-over from Kristel Kubart, and then a dysfluent cut of the conversation. We hope people who stutter and their allies will be brought the same joy, inspiration and sense of solidarity as the flag has brought us: that the flag can bring us together as a community, as well as encourage each person on their own stuttering and life journeys too.

Finally, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up for the production of flags and other merchandise. We're crowdfunding to make stickers, postcards and flags to spread stuttering pride.

Team: a group of people who stutter 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Conor Foran (Creative Lead)

JJJJJerome Ellis

Kristel Kubart

Laura Lascău (Stamily member)

Patrick Campbell (Constitutional Facilitator and Stamily member)

Paul Aston

Ramdeep Romann

Supporting Allies 🙏

Bart Rzeznik

Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad

Kimberley Dines

Sam Simpson

Voon Pang

Help raise the flag at 🌊

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