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The opportunity to represent

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Here at Stamily, we love to share our stories and spread awareness concerning stammering/stuttering. Some of our members also had the opportunity to represent the PWS-community on larger stages. In this article, Natalie talks about how different opportunities arose and how she took them with both hands.

Written by Natalie

British Stammering Association

The British Stammering Association is the charity covering PWS in England and they have recently re-branded and freshened up their image.

I was offered the amazing opportunity to be a part of this re-brand and to be a face of the advertisement with 4 others. I was invited down to London for the day for a photoshoot, which gave me an opportunity to see some of my favourite people again. It was great fun and the materials produced are really authentic.

Please go on and check out all the images which are on the website, and while you’re there you can check out all of their cracking advice, guidance and the latest news in stammering research!

They have also produced leaflets, stickers, badges etc which you can order and wear with pride!


I had the shock and honour of being asked to be a part of a very special podcast!

‘Women who stutter, our stories’ is a podcast series ran by Pamela Mertz, a wonderful lady living in New York.

Pam interviews and follows to stories of amazing women and you will find plenty of really good stuff to listen to!

Now for some reason Pam thought I would be interesting enough to interview so please take a listen, this was my very first EVER podcast so excuse me if I sound nervous 🙈😂

Just click on the link below and enjoy!


So this week has been a bit special for me as my article about the Italy Erasmus+ youth exchange trip this year has been published in a disorder of speech newsletter! 🎉

When I started writing on my blog I never expected anyone to want to use my articles, they were just my way of spreading awareness and sharing my personal experiences. To have people find real value in them, and so much so that they want to share them like this is so empowering and is what keeps me going.

I just wanted to share this amazing news with you all as I feel like I’m making a difference, one step at a time. I want to say a massive thank you to Signal and to Gillian Rudd for sharing my article and I hope the readers find it valuable. #Proudtostammer 💚 #BSA #stammering #podcast #stuttering #PWS #Erasmus

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