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Mylan (20) wrote a book on his stutter to help others

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

My name is Mylan. I stutter and I wrote a book about it. I started writing almost two years ago. When I was a teenager, I was very ashamed about my stutter. I didn’t talk much. The less I spoke the less I stuttered, so I didn’t say more than needed. My thoughts about my stutter was something I never talked about. Not to my friends and not to my parents. I didn’t feel comfortable about it.

Then I already knew it could be easier to handle my stutter just by sharing my story. But talking about it then was a no go. So I decided to write it on paper. I shared my story with my paper. Like the way you write a diary, I wrote my paper. It started with just one peace of paper, it ended with more than 52.000 words.

When I started writing I already knew I didn’t want it to keep for myself. I wanted to share my story with others. Maybe it could be helpful to other people who stutter of my age. I know a book like I made could have helped me a lot when I was a young teenager. In the book I wrote about situations where my stutter plays a big part in my life. Me doing a presentation or just asking about a sandwich at the bakery. I wrote down moments when it just did not go well with speaking.

The most important thing in my book is: me changing my mindset about my stutter. I did not want to write a very depressing story and feel sorry about myself. In the book you can see a big change. In the beginning I was a very insecure boy who was very shy and didn’t say every word he wanted to say. In the end, wow, my mindset has changed completely. I say every word I want to say and I don’t shame myself for stuttering anymore.

Now I want to share my story. I hope I can help other people who stutter to accept who they are. Nothing is more beautiful than to be happy with the person you see in the mirror. When I started writing I hoped one day it would become a real book. Now it has become a real book. What’s next? Who knows, I’m excited for the future.


The book is available in Dutch only, contact us for more information.

Mylan ter Vrugt, Stotterende stappen gaan ook vooruit; In het hoofd van een stotteraar, 2020.

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