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Alok Kundnani

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Hello, It’s Alok Kundnani, born and raised in the capital city New Delhi, India. A software engineer by profession but a writer by passion.

I discovered my stuttering when I was around 5 years old when my friends and family members noticed fumbling in my speech and started bullying me. My friends used to call me “hakla” (means stammerer in Hindi language) in school days, which always sounded to me as an abusive word. My stammering was so severe that even I wasn’t able to speak my name, not even when I was alone. When I was a kid, my father took great pains in getting me treated by a speech therapist. But all efforts were in vain. Stammering made me go through a lot of struggle in life with more downs than ups. I am thankful for the struggles which transformed me into a more confident personality. I emerged as a good learner who always opens ears for positivism.

I moved ahead in life with my stammering and completed a bachelor’s in engineering. And as I grew, I started working on myself and started facing new challenges in life. I wasn’t placed in any company after graduation due to recession at that time and it was when I got a chance to speak with new people in job interviews I gave, and with each rejection, I started learning new things which could improve me.

I am an optimistic kind of person working as a part-time motivational blogger. Writing is my hobby which makes me motivated. I started writing stories and poems when I was in class IV. I used to write my stuff in diaries then and shared my content with people through the art of storytelling (yes I found my audience in my family circle who patiently listened to my stories and praised them too). I came into the online world through my free blog in 2011, and now started my own personal blog, theScriptMaker. I love writing blogs about self-development. I write what I have learned from life and what I wish to teach the next generation.

I believe, a pen can do everything that anything else can’t do. Writing is the best way to influence anybody’s mind and soul. I emerged as an influencer and want to conquer everyone’s heart through my piece of writings. I love writing stories, poems, scripts, and articles that can make a person dive into imagination. No one believes in imagination, magic, and miracles but I do believe. My compositions are original and an attempt to change everyone’s way of thinking, the way of looking at things and situations.

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