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Exhibit ‘Self Portrait: Stuttering’ opens in Belgium

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

In Ghent, Belgium, a new exhibit was opened in the ‘Zebrastraat’-venue. Two creatives, and PWS, along with the support of VZW BeSt (Belangengroep Stotterende Mensen) combined efforts to showcase work that gives the audience an unique insight in the feeling of stuttering.

Photographer Eddy Janssens created a series of self-portraits to show the struggles of stuttering.

Eddy’s photographs show the mixture of anger, shame and frustration that often accompanies speaking with a stutter. His photographic self-portraits are very confrontational and recognizable.

Graphic designer Jolien Demey created artworks to show the unique experiences of someone who stutters.

Jolien Demey showcases art installations that show the things that she wants to say at a given moment, but decides not to. Creating art also gives her the opportunity to accept stuttering.

People Who Stutter understand how difficult it is to communicate how it feels to the outside world. That’s why we, as Stamily, love to engage with projects like these and promote them, to further awareness and understanding of stuttering.

The exhibit still runs till November 1st. If you live in the area, make sure to check it out at

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