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ISAD 2018 in the NL by Rik

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Today (22 October) is stuttering awareness day. Maybe you missed it, maybe you’ll read this tomorrow. Anyway, it might be good for you to know that there such a day, because for many people, stuttering is a big part of their lives. Including me! Sure, I make jokes about it and I’m pretty content with the way I speak, but it’s still something that defines me. Tonight we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Dutch Stuttering Federation with a party in Amsterdam. Many familiar faces, interesting discussions and a lot of champagne. Evenings like these make me proud to be a part of the stuttering community and hopeful to create more awareness for stuttering. It always feels good to be in a place you can stutter freely. Sometimes I wish the whole world would be like that. Maybe I’m turning into an optimist, maybe it’s just the champagne talking. Probably the last 😉

Still, I will keep working on making stuttering more accepted!

Rik Mets

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