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Leo’s development

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Hello, my name is Leo. I’ve been stuttering my whole life. I’m 22 years old and from Finland. In school, it got worse and after school too. I still got a job as a welder but I had to stop there because there were not enough orders. This wasn’t my dream job neither, I chose it because there you don’t have to speak. Speaking has been the hardest thing for me. Some people take speaking for granted. You just learn how to speak usually at the age of 3-4 years, like riding a bike. There are some falls and fails but you keep going and eventually, it comes second nature. Recently I got into personal development and decided to go out there and do something instead of just staying on my safe zone. I went to the UK and met with an amazing coach. I spoke with over a hundred stranger on streets, made a public speech on the city center. I also got a new studying place as a storage keeper. I’m starting there in two weeks. After that, I went to the Netherlands to a youth camp. I met the most amazing 40 people with the same thing that I have. Everyone exceeded expectations. Like speaking with a microphone to 40 people and TV-camera.

I realized that if you have a disability it doesn’t mean that you have to settle and stop doing things. You are so much more than your disability. Now I have 40 new friends all over Europe.

Thanks for the most amazing week of my life.♥️♥️♥️

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