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I am Rafal from Poland but staying in Scotland for (too) long time already. I stammer since my childhood and like some of you can identify, growing up with stammering is stressful. Hell, growing up is hard in general! No, I was not bullied. I could I guess, but preferred to stay in the invisible zone consisted of not having controversial arguments, no offending jokes and God forbids, provoking a discussion, at least not in a group of people. Was it smart? Maybe, maybe not, but I do like to defend, even force my ideas and stammering, well, is not really helpful when you want to stand firm to yourself.

But it opened many doors in my life so it cannot be so bad after all. I take part in a charity organization gathering people with impairments which was the best way to desensitize myself, get a softer spot on yourself.

What I like? Hiking and underground horror movies What I want? Get a cabin in the woods and a dog What I am afraid of? To let stammering make decisions instead of me.

And spiders. I hate spiders.

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