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Stuttering in movies – call for viewers

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

At the World Congress in Iceland (2019) Erik Lamens (president BSV, Belgium) presented ‘Stuttering in Movies’, a presentation about how stuttering is represented in movies throughout the whole movie history.

Now a team is viewing movies from all cultures & languages. For each movie, we answer a series of fix questions about the stuttering, how it is represented in the movie. How the bystanders react, if the PWS is bullied, what happens to the bully; if the stuttering is believable, if the information about stuttering is correct…

We are looking for motivated film viewers to join the team. The only thing you need is a big desire to watch movies 🙂 AND directly afterwards, answer a series of questions. You can do this on your own time, but we would appreciate that you at least watch 1 movie a month (more if possible).

We have identified more or less 540 movies and tv-shows, short movies and documentaries about stuttering. We also need people that can identify movies and view them in all languages. Right now we can cover English, French, and Dutch. But of course, there are many more movies out there that are not available in English or in subtitled versions (we avoid dubbed versions, it changes the stuttering).

If you are interested, contact us at: – Erik Lamens ->

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