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ISAD and Stamily

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Stamily is all around the world. To show this we collected some highlights at and around ISAD (22-10-2019) from our StamilyTeam members.


Video by Shuhei:


Interview with Elias:


Video by the Finnish Stuttering Association:

Video by Juuso with the theme ‘growth through speaking’:

Video by Leo with the theme ‘growth through speaking’:


Click here for the podcast by Natalie and other STAMMA members.


Showing photos of how people who stutter look like when they do on a photo. Click here. Paper written by Anita for ISAD. Click here.

The Netherlands

Stamily in the newspapers: - Marc in ‘Reformatorisch Dagblad’. Click here. - Jurjen in ‘Het Parool’. Click here.

Video by Jurjen with the theme ‘growth through speaking’:

Two papers were written by Sybren. Click here and here.

Willemijn who made cartoons during the days before ISAD. Click here.

Willemijn also made this video for ISAD:


Daniele made these nice tips for every pws in a Cartoon style:


Vinnie showed how stuttering is displayed in movies. Click here.


And of course our own video:

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